Why we do what we do?

We’ve met too many amazing people who repeatedly place limitations on themselves and don’t give themselves credit for how great they can become. This is for an array of reasons: limiting beliefs, fears, lack of good structure and plans.., the list goes on. 

Through physical personal training, teaching and mentoring, we have enjoyed the privilege of improving people’s lives. We want to take this a step further and help even more people.

We’ve researched, studied and interviewed “high achieving” people in various fields (athletes, financial professionals etc) and have come to understand that there are key characteristics, behaviours, habits and beliefs which give them this “winning edge”!

We intend to share this wisdom with hopes of helping you along the way to more fulfilled living.                       

We only get one shot at this thing called life so we have got to live it well!         

Our Philosophy and Approach

Unlike many organisations, at Fit For What we take a holistic apporach to personal improvement. True fulfilled living requires you to combine both:

1. Great Physical Health and,

2. A Winning mental attitude.


Science provides us with a mountain of evidence of the powerful connection engaging your physical body with how optimally are brain is able to operate optimal. For example we know the that exercising release hormones such a seratonin to the brain which acts as an anti-depressent, improves your mood along with the other benefits of clearer thinking.


Typically when someone hears the phrase “Mental Health” a number of negative associations come to mind. Mental health disorders, depression, stress and anxiety are among them. However, we all can benefit from mental training which allows you to fully unlock your potential. Our programes involve incorporate strategies which you can begin to apply to your life to for better improved today.

The conclusions is that you can’t just have one or the other (Great Physical or Mental Health)…That would be incomplete.


At Fit For What we help you win at both!


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    EMAIL : fitforwhat@gmail.com

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