We all go through times where we think, can we actually become that great person we want to be?

Because in life the unpredictable is the inevitable; we find ourselves on paths we never expected.


Our life experiences are always greatest teacher!

The best thing to do is to take time out to think and re evaluate the situation. Ask yourself, what’s holding you back from excelling? Why are you not progressing faster? Why have you ended up on this path? When you sit back and ask yourself these questions, NOW you can start to address the problem.

Realise the battle comes from within, you can never blame other people all the time. Remember, a person who can never accept their own problems stays foolish.

If you find that you are struggling in a task at hand or you are not quite achieving the goals you were aiming for, STOP and asses what you have been doing. Think of what needs to change. Think of how you can make these changes. Most of the time it is something small like being better at managing your time.

You have to be tough and take on the challenge!

A minor setback does not mean your life is going downhill. In fact,  what’s really happening is the preparation for extraordinary things to take place.  It’s never clear but it is true,

Take the first step and the staircase to greatness starts to appear in your midst”.


Do not let anyone dictate how your life should be. Reach for your full potential, if they can do it you can too!


Go push for it!!!


Victor Ben Salem

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