Become the best version of yourself.

Our Story

At Fit For What we change lives. We help people become the best versions of themselves both physically and mentally.

Growing up in a deprived area of east London, we were surrounded by people who had clearly been dealt a “bad hand” in life.Poor and dysfunctional families, teenage parents facing mental and financial instability, and children born into a culture of poverty, gang violence and crime were among the usual.

We vowed to do something about it. We decided to help people improve their lives – regardless of their circumstances. From the age of 16 we began mentoring students to help improve their aspirations and their chances of success in the world.

We believe that greatness is not this abstract thing which is reserved for just a handful of people. Rather it is something within all of us.

At Fit For What we are on a mission to awaken people to their inner greatness and inspire them to live their potential.

Our programs are focussed on dramatically improving your physical and mental health and provides you with simple tools for winning in life! We challenge our students but we get results!

We use proven strategies with a strong focus on “action taking”  to provide you with a toolbox to help you win in your health, career, finances, relationships and lives!


    ADDRESS : London 


    EMAIL : fitforwhat@gmail.com

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